“ Impossível olhar o céu e não se maravilhar, olhar uma criança e não  sorrir, olhar seu sorriso e não se encantar  “


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 Smile and be happy :)


O poder da cor Ruivas Penteados - Penteados

laughter is good for health

Journal Writing Prompts: What Makes You Laugh?


"pure joy"

“Muita coisa que ontem parecia importante ou significativa amanhã virará pó no filtro da memória. Mas o sorriso… Ah, esse resistirá a todas as ciladas do tempo.”

Que a alegria seja a luz do seu dia. Todos os dias! Rosi Coelho***:

pure joy....if only one could recapture this type joy again....


My Heart, so precious, I won’t trade for a hundred thousand souls, yet your one smile takes it for Free. ~ Rumi


Alohaa ~ Little Surf boy, Hawaii by Dana Edmunds

Smile for me!!

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Beautiful babiesHappiness....

Smile for me!

oh my goodness, this is an incredibly cute child!!! this made me smile!

This cute baby knows that happiness starts with just a smile. Let's create a world that starts with us, that starts with people trying to build community. Maybe when he grows up one day he won't be afraid to be himself and show others who he really is



That face is pure joy. :-) Thinking that chalk drawings + goofing around + camera = fun activity with your kids.


Little Girl from Nepal - Namaste!

Smile for me!

Smile for me! Tibetan Child

I love photographing people.. humans are like the ultimate piece of art. Handmade by the creator of the universe.

Olivia and her dimples

Sorriso de criança.

8 Smiles:

Beautiful people :Sri Lanka

Happiness is...

Happy baby

Joy: Glowing smile.

Beautiful contact


Pure joy - Precious Child

Kick up the giggles!



Que tal começar o dia com um sorriso?:

☮ ♡ #lamistardilocast #sourire #smile #улыбка #sonrisa ♡ ☮

"Quase sempre a maior ou menor felicidade depende do grau de decisão de ser feliz!..." (clarice lispector):

www.beautywithoutborders.org beauty without borders beauty without borders, inc #BWB Smile

Smile for me!

oh. my goodness. If your heart doesn't stop for a second...

Amazing people of the world

Come on, let's get happy! Love children's cute smiles.:

menino sorriso!!:

Helping Birthmothers years later on their journey. Birth Moms Today is an online Community Grounded and Centered in Loving-Life Changing Support. Visit us at http://www.BirthMomsToday.com #birthmomstoday

Gangtuk girl, Nepal

I want to know the story...


Lucky Baby

Laughter does the body good!

Live Out Loud!


laugh just for joy.


Sorriso perfeito :3:

Se você tem paz, amor e alegria no seu coração, onde você for, estará sempre…:

Sheer Joy



Nyvall Photography - Little Eli Smiles Big

Sisters Giggling! :-)tGoogle Image Result for http://www.tarrdaniel.com/images/photos/smile/ChildSmile1_thumb.jpg

Lovely smile from Japan

Great Baby Smile :) @Amelia Rosales Sánchez Lyon

Teeth Health: Limit foods that are high in phytic acid, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, as well as limiting processed food intake full of processed flours and sugars that upset blood sugar balance. Supplements to consider are: Fermented cod liver oil – very high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and K; Magnesium – required to use calcium and phosphorous effectively; Gelatin – if you don’t have time to make bone broth, this is a good alternative and is great for gums and digestion.


laughing smileee.

Laughing is good medicine

Aboriginal smile, Australia

True happiness....!!

Girl Selling Bracelets in Antigua, Guatemala

Laughing by ShaukatNiazi, via Flickr


Smiling Toddler from Thailand...

kommaar: laughing kid from irian jaya


That face!


touch the earth: affordable energy systems based on re-newables.Anton Jankovoy, pure joy Things I love - real life expression, unmarred by human touch up, clean up....Omani girl When see the beautiful Children of the World we see a future. We must never forget the children, tomorrow's future generation. Every Child Matters. We must free the children suffering harm and abuse of conflicts across the globe. We all have a moral obligation to do anything we can to help and protect the innocence and childhood of God's Children. May God Bless the Children of the World and keep them safe. We are all God's Children, One Love, One Human Race, One Peace.

She makes me smile! SO cute, they battle so many things but they always see the positive thing. To people with Down Syndrome you deserve all the joy you can get.




Happy girl! ♥ www.jsimens.com - helping families worldwide



Joy in the simple things, Chinese Girlflower baby


Laughter by Jenlyn Chua, via 500px

Google Image Result for http://elabret.weebly.com/uploads/2/2/6/0/2260487/5636416_orig.jpg

Poder de um Sorriso Um sorriso não custa nada, mas cria muitas coisas. Dura só um momento, mas sua lembrança perdura pela vida a fora. Não se pode comprá-lo, mendigá-lo, pedi-lo emprestado ou roubá-lo. Não tem utilidade enquanto não é dado. E por isso se no seu caminho encontrares uma pessoa por demais cansado para lhe dar um sorriso, deixa-lhe o seu, pois ninguém precisa tanto de um sorriso quanto aquele que não tem mais um a oferecer. Seu sorriso será tão precioso para esta pessoa que no m...:

toothless chuckle

Guinea, West Africa


Smile for me!

.          Beautiful smile            girl from Beijing Chinalove it!!

Algerian south girl



Use this language when referring to Down syndrome and people who have Down syndrome:

Monsoon Rain

yellow and joy and repeat.


Making Mud Pies

A happy street kid,egypt





Sempre..é mínimo que posso fazer :)

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